i didn't wanna bug ppl on my normal blog lmaooooo

i want to cry i want to scream i just wanna feel better

everything feels like it’s breaking and i can’t even tell why

I’m So jealous and stupid and GOD she can be friends with my friends if she wants but Jesus Christ IM sick of all the nicknames and everything Yes I get it u probs all like her more and she hates me cool nice DONT SHOVE IT IN MY FACW OR LIE TO ME THAT WERRE OK WHEN WE ARenr just go fuck off and be her friends i don’t fucking care im so mad and angry and sad and fuck me

i dont know whether to go to my friends tonight w ppl who dont like me and miss my stepdad’s fathers day thing OR go to the dinner and turn up late to friends who hate me or just not go at all hmm :/

i often wonder still if i am the bad guy in everything that happened w my friends and it rly tears me up :/

all my friends have got subject awards and are getting them tonight and I have to hear about it again and I’m so bummed bc i suck so BAd

im feeling rly shitty and i can’t even place why

i just wanna curl up in a ball idk :(